Friday, October 1, 2010

And the preparations continue

The theme for my 2010 display is Edgar Allan Poe.   I wanted to include vintage books in my display, however didn't have the budget or the resources for actual old, leather books.  So I went to the used book store and as luck would have it, they were thinning their stock.  So for the price of just one nice used Poe compendium, I got two big boxes of hardbound books they were going to toss!

However they were bright and shiny all taken care of in their dust jackets.  So I ripped off the jackets and set about aging them in tea.  I brewed a very large and strong batch of tea and let it cool.  Then I immersed them each for a minute or two. 

Then I took a scrub sponge and went up and down the spines to dull or remove the lettering. 

Finally I put them out to dry.

2nd project done for my vignette!  Stay tuned for more Dark Autumn ideas...

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