Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Creepy crawlies

Here's a quick and easy mantle or buffet decoration.  A jar full of spiders!

Materials needed:
  • Spiders in various sizes
  • Clear vase or jar
  • White cloth or batting
  • Spider webbing
Step 1
Clean your jar.  I always plunge right in and then regret it when I'm through and can see fingerprints or dust on the inside.

Step 2
Roll up your cloth or batting until it is within 2" of the diam of your vessel.  This is your form.

Step 3
Pull off some spider webbing and loosen it up.  Start adding spiders to the form and lightly string the webbing over it to hold everything in.  Once the outside layer is full, carefully slide it into your jar.

Step 4
Add more spiders to the top and sides as if they have pushed aside the lid and are crawling out.

Quick, easy and Eeew!

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