Monday, October 18, 2010

Once Upon A Midnight Dreary

Edgar Allan Poe is a great theme for a party.  He wrote so many poems and short stories that you can make it very literary, very creepy or somewhere in between depending on your audience.  For this corporate reception I aimed to capture a spooky feeling in the middle.

The centerpiece was a re-creation of the Poe tombstone and cemetery in Baltimore, MD.

Several vignettes brought scenes from his works to life, like this one from "Murder at the Rue Morgue."

Life size text from "The Raven" along with a mysteriously floating quill.

Aged books and candles decorated the cocktail tables.

The butler greeted guests along with his pet raven.

I always like to provide informational props for guests who may not be well versed in a particular theme.  This road sign reproduction gave a lot of information about Poe in a party friendly way.

Framed graphics with illustrated titles of his works also illuminated the connection between the props and theme.

The purpose of the themes and props are to provide conversation starters for attendee networking and recognition for the sponsor. 

I think these goals are important for all events, whether corporate or personal.  Facilitating guest interaction keeps the party going and encourages attendees to stay longer and feel connected, even if they are attending solo.

Even though it was a "dreary" event the attendees had a great evening with Poe.

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  1. Wow, you really created some great details for this party!

    Party and Entertaining Inspiration


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