Monday, April 19, 2010

Rhapsody in Sand: Real Party

Summer will be here before you know it! Even if you can't get to the beach, this party has the details that bring the season to life.


The circular menu cards reflect the design of the china and sit just inside the rim.  They were individually cut with a circle cutter in two colors of brown and tan.  The printed shell design follows the curve of the hand cut circles and is in the same color scheme.  Napkins rings are made of natural leather cord with custom metal ringed tags which were tea stained and punched.

Crisp white linens set the stage for the natural color scheme reflected in the soft tan and brown candles, sand, and shells.

Once the sun set, the centerpieces took center stage.  Glass cylinders filled with sand held various sizes and shapes of pillar candles.  Shells and battery operated flower lights added another element to the tablescape.  Their warm yellow light created depth and drama on the white linens.

These details would be at home at a corporate dinner, wedding reception, or contemporary birthday party.

Monday, April 12, 2010

The wonderful world of Flor

Flor is a fantastic way to customize a space.  I've used these colorful carpet tiles several ways in my exhibits, and this same idea can be used in the home or at an event where they would delineate an entry or lounge area.

For this booth I created a road to match that of the marketing materials.  By slicing some of the tiles in half I created the dotted lines for the center.  This style of tile is called House Pet.

And for the space below I wanted a fun and unique theme that played off the corporate colors.  Again, the border was created by slicing several of the tiles in half.  The half tiles are House Pet and the striped tiles are Stripe it Rich.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

New Find: The Best Extra Chairs!

I'm always looking for extra seating for guests and I think these options are some of the best.

I like the acrylic for its versatility.  It works with modern or traditional decor and all colors.


Above: Acrylic Ballroom Chair $450 for two from Ruby Beets.  These can be stacked.

Below: Acrylic Folding Chair $80.99 from Sears


Acrylic is certainly not the only good choice and the warmth of wood can't be overlooked.  Below: Folding St. Germain ballroom chair from Ballard Designs $99 ea.  Storage bags and seat pads are also available.

I would love to have any of these at my next party.  How do you typically accommodate extra guests?

Monday, April 5, 2010

Fireflies in the night

For evening parties nothing beats an spring event that is lit by candlelight.  However this is 2010 and lighting has gotten a bit more fun!  Enter the multi-colored, lighted, ice cube!

Unfortunately taking photos that both captured the feel of the arrangements and yet also allowed enough light to see was a bit tricky.  Hopefully you'll get the mood anyway.

First I took cylinders in varying heights and widths and filled them with colored water (I used regular food coloring from the supermarket in fluorescent colors).  In some I added a scoop of gel beads and let them set for 4 hours.  Once the gel beads had firmed up, I added the light cubes in varying depths.  The ones with only colored water I set on top of illuminated bases.

If you haven't used gel beads you should definitely try them out.  They are green friendly and so much fun.  They even come in different shapes and colors now, spheres, cubes, black, white etc.  Just add a scoop to water and watch them slowly absorb the liquid and gel into their shape.  You can even re-use them!  Get clear if you want them to absorb any coloring you put into the water.

I used colored wire twisted into springy shapes to hang from the lips of the cylinders.  These also supported large test tubes which hung down with multi-colored gerbera daisies.

Cylinders, gel beads, light cubes, and test tubes from Accent Decor.
Gerbera daisies from Costco online.

Friday, April 2, 2010

The Peeps are here!!

It's almost Easter and that means the annual tradition of The Washington Post's Peep's contest.  This year the entries were fabulous!  For fun and creative inspriation check out these splendid dioramas, Peeps show.

Happy Easter to everyone!
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