Monday, October 4, 2010

So relieved

Ahhh, so relieved this weekend.  I finally completed the major props for my Poe party.  I'm apparently not very patient with myself when it comes to my projects that last more than a week or two.  I did have a deadline though, so I guess it wasn't just my own pressure!

It feels great to finally get the kitchen table back.  It has been covered in craft supplies and tools for the last month.

So here's the big reveal (although not in its "natural setting" yet)... The Poe Tombstone!

This is a replica of the real one in Baltimore, MD.  It stands about 4.5' tall and is mostly made from pink insulation foam.  The 'bronze' face is model magic.

So there it is!  Stay tuned for the tutorial and the rest of the setup in future posts.

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