Friday, March 12, 2010

Part 2: Twilight Party

On Wednesday we began the Twilight journey with Bella and Edward tables taking center stage.  Today we see the rest of this dramatic event.

The Jacob table was nature inspired with trees, wood stumps and Native American motifs (the bird image was reproduced from the Quileute Tribal Health facility website).  The menu of fish fry and potato bar reflected the favorite foods of both Bella's and Jacob's fathers.

Stumps were courtesy of my man and his chainsaw from our backyard.

Werewolf kibble was served as a snack in black dog bowls.


Thanks go to the Hostess with the Mostess for her great idea to use framed signs to highlight specific areas.  These also helped guests who didn't have any prior knowledge of the series figure out the theme decor's connection to the plot.  We created our signs to fit each theme area and most were quotes from the novels. 

After all of this I still had another buffet table to fill so I created a vampire baseball scene.  Baseball cookies, baseball bats, trees, and a giant scoreboard with Edward leading in RBIs!

The pennants I made from foam sheets available at the craft store.  I used pre-cut letters for "Team".  The "Edward" is sparkle felt.

Don't forget the lighting, red uplights illuminated the floor to ceiling windows and flickering candles were on every table.  The lounge area was also surrounded by layers of pillar candles.  Red and black pillows with gothic motif added a soft touch.  The room didn't have hang points but I felt the area needed to be tied together with a candelabra.  So I suspended it from a bow lamp base.

Finally, the cocktail tables were topped with alternating feather trees, parrot tulips in red glass vases, and black candelabras.  


The layers of details at this event are what made it WOW for my attendees.  They talked about it all the next day!  You can put this same level of design into your event no matter how large or small and wow YOUR guests as you gush over New Moon together and wait for Eclipse!

Where to buy:
Trees, grass: Save On Crafts
Dog bowls, Black frames, Red glass vase, Regolit bow lamp base: Ikea
Foam sheets, Black candelabra: Michael's Craft
Parrot tulips: JZ Rose
Hanging candelabra: Shop Wild Things
Pillows: Walmart 
Feathers and Eiffel vases: Fabulous Feathers


  1. Do you mind if I feature your Twilight party on my site Tara's Twilight Party? It's a site dedicated to Twilight Saga parties!

  2. Hi Tara,
    Sure, that would be great. Let me know where it's posted.


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