Thursday, March 18, 2010

Book review: Signature Sasha

Signature Sasha
is the latest offering from renowned wedding planner Sasha Souza.  If you aren't familiar with her work, Sasha's magnificent events are highlighted by their visual layers and attention to detail. 

This is Sasha's first book and it is a beautiful large format with fabulous photos of her weddings.  I must admit that the photographs are the main attraction for me;  I find great inspiration in the work of others.

It's hard to pick a favorite section, the gorgeous shades and tones used in Colors make tried and true selections like pink stand out as modern and current.  Flowers showcases Leah Lowery's beautiful designs and truly makes me fall in love with flowers all over again.  Oh, if someone would send me one of those bouquets!  However the last chapter, Love Stories, truly encompasses the main message of the book.  That is that Sasha truly sees each couple's dream and is able to translate it into tangible elements throughout the wedding day and evening.  These events aren't just a ceremony or party, they're an expression of who the bride and groom are together.  Couples who can take this philosophy and implement these tips and ideas will have a celebration with deep meaning for both themselves and their guests.

Signed copies are available from her website or unsigned from online booksellers Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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