Wednesday, March 10, 2010

10 Days and counting: New Moon Release Party! Part 1

The next installment of the Twilight series New Moon will be released on DVD on March 20 at midnight.  Think you might plan a midnight viewing party?  If so, here are some ideas from an event I designed that can help inspire your party. I hope you enjoy all of the photos!


This reception was for both Twilight addicts and those who knew nothing about the series.  Tip to the wise: unless you have a really small guest list, you have to be open to the notion that not all attendees will "get" your theme and the nuances you create.  And that's ok!  If you just looked at this party without any background knowledge you got a cool vibe from the lighting and decor.  You could also appreciate the layers of design that went into it.  However for those in the know, you then could also see all of the references with the decorations and read much more into the settings.

Invites were styled to look like movie tickets and attendees received a Twilight quiz when they entered.  The quiz really encouraged interaction among the guests.  All of the questions could be answered by studying the decorations, so those familiar and unfamiliar with the story could have equal opportunity at winning the door prize- a replica of Bella's bracelet with Edward and Jacob charms. 

Guests entered the room like they were coming into a theater, with movie posters, red carpet and red panels swagged across the entrance.   There was even paparazzi! (Me!).  The dark atmosphere of the W Hotel added to the mystery of the event. 

I created theme buffet tables for the main characters.  The "Bella" table reflected the first book and movie with her red truck, apples, books and locker (the feathers are actually inspired by the last book in the series).  Mushroom pasta and breadsticks were served.

The Edward dessert table was the centerpiece of the room with an uplit tree covered in crystals.  The bendable tree was a stunning 6' tall.

Although not authentic to the novels/movies, I couldn't pass up the vampire bite mini red velvet cupcakes.  They rested on silver wrapped "presents", just like the Cullen's gave to Bella on her birthday.

Tomorrow, come back and see the rest of the Twilight party including Jacob buffet and vampire baseball table.

Where to find:
Posters, drapery panels, faux apples: Walmart
Candelabra, Crystals, 6' bendable tree: Shop Wild Things
Battery candles: Lamp Lust
Candelabra was suspended from an Ikea lamp base
Feathers: Fabulous Feathers
Truck: Mini Muscle Cars
Glass vases: Accent Decor
Frame: Ikea
White pedestals: Home Goods

Thanks to Mary Petitt for the great graphics.


  1. This is a beautiful event! So glad you left a comment for us to see!

  2. Thanks for sharing! Love it :-)


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