Monday, March 1, 2010

The dilemmas of decorating

One of the hardest things to do in decorating is choose the right paint color.  Paint adds so much to a room and can instantly transform it from blah to beautiful.  However it's tough to stare at all of those chips and choose just one!  So House Beautiful came out with a paint book called Colors For Your Home, 300 Designer Favorites.  This book is a must have for all of those who dream about color filling your space.  It lists the favorite colors designers use and shows how those colors look on the wall.  If you ever wondered how to use a bright red or deep blue in your environment this book shows you the possibilities.
Colors For Your Home was published in 2008 and I have repeatedly used it both as a reference for choosing actual wall colors and as an inspiration for other projects.  I highly recommend picking up a new or used copy to keep in your design library.

Available from Amazon and other booksellers.

What is your favorite color?

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