Sunday, December 5, 2010

Bedroom re-do

Time flies and we're already into the 2nd week of December!  I've had big plans for crafting and decorating and yet haven't posted anything.  Unfortunately I have several projects that have been started and then abandoned.  My clay wall decoration? Scratched.  My felt and sequin ornaments?  Nope.  Sweater vases?  Zilch.  Ugh.  I was feeling so discouraged.  Each project just wasn't working.  So much for the Martha in me!

So with the encouragement of Black Friday sales I picked up my ongoing project of redecorating the guest bedroom.  I picked up 3 duvet sets, two types of drapery panels and assorted pillows and throws.  Why so many you ask?  Well I wasn't sure which would work in the room.  The walls are painted taupe, trim is white, and my latest addition, a zebra rug is cream and grey. 

I just love the rug. It was from I'm not sure how it will survive my precious pooches, but I couldn't say no, it was too fun.

Next step?  Trying it all out!

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