Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Office Makeover

I recently gave my office (AKA crafty room) a makeover and am so pleased with the results!  Now lest you think I got energized out of the blue, I was actually forced to re-arrange the room because of new hardwood flooring that was installed.  Just removing everything was a daunting task! 

Once the new floor was in, I couldn't just pile everything back in willy nilly.  So I went on a massive IKEA run (well, more like 1 run a day for 3 days).  The final result is: BILLY bookcases for my brochures, magazines and books, EXPEDIT storage units with doors and boxes, and ALEX drawer units.  For future ease of moving and re-arranging I put casters under all of the pieces except for the Billy bookcases.

The drawer units are exactly what I'd been looking for.  They are shallow and on slides so I can label them and sort my many tools and tidbits.

Once everything had a place I was pleased, but wasn't quite content.  I needed to spruce the room up!  Since this was such a small space I wanted to make the decor distinct from the rest of the house.  The black IKEA cabinets started off my color scheme and then I found a black and white tablecloth I loved at HomeGoods.  I made a valance for the window (and matching apron!) with the tablecloth fabric and made a cork board from a frame I had.

So now I'm energized to use my room again and can't wait to start a new project!

What are your secrets to staying organized in your workspace?


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