Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Gambrel's back!?!?

On my walk tonight I saw 3 high-end homes being constructed with gambrel roofs (a gambrel roof is shown in the example above).  Is this look back in fashion?  While not my favorite style it has an old barn/farmhouse style that has become popular in order to make 4,000+ sq ft homes look like they fit in an existing neighborhood.  We've gone through a wave of craftsman style, now it appears builders are looking for something slightly different. 

Is this a trend in your area as well?


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  2. Hi Victoria! I know this is late but I'm not sure if gambrel roof is in trend again, but I will not be surprise if it is because fashion is a recurring trend. Anyway, I am used to seeing gambrel roof on barns and this is definitely a refreshing change. Maybe the owner of the house wanted to have a house that has the same atmosphere with a barn, which is a very comfortable place to live in. - Eulalia @


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