Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Snow Day!

We had snow AGAIN last night (with more to come on Friday, but that's a different story) so schools were closed and folks called out for work.  However the streets were clear in my neighborhood, so I swept off the car and headed into the office.   There weren't many cars on the road which made for an easy commute.   However I was surprised to be WOWed by the beauty.  The snow gently covered all of the trees and in the soft morning light everything seemed to just glow.  It's hard to describe how picture perfect it was.  I'm so glad that I made the drive in! 

In my mind this equates to the reason we decorate and throw parties and change our environments.  New "accessories" really open our eyes to see something different in our ordinary surroundings.  I really enjoy my profession, but wonder what purpose it serves.  Is it just frivolous?  After a morning like this I don't think so.  I think changing decor and creating special events makes you take a step back and take a new look at your world just like the snow changed the nature around my usual commute.  Taking time to mentally note and enjoy a place is important, rather than just having one day just run into the next. 

We as designers create the special time and atmosphere that enables our attendees & clients to have this same experience and the time to pause and enjoy it.

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