Monday, February 15, 2010

Custom Pet Portraits

I had a great experience that I'd like to share working with L.A. Shepard on a custom portrait of my girls.  First off I'm terribly picky about both the style of painting and how the likenesses are captured.  I think breeds with spiky hair (like Pomeranians) are a bit more difficult to capture correctly than short hair breeds.  Secondly I don't have a large endowment set aside to pay for custom work, which is very limiting when combined with the first requirement.  So I'd been looking for someone to paint them for quite awhile and have done a lot of browsing through portfolios to compare work.  I found some pieces I liked on Etsy, and then realized I also liked work shown by the same artist on Ebay.  So I contacted the artist and commissioned an 8x10 oil painting based on a photograph I had taken.  Ms. Shepard was quick to reply via email and also quick to deliver.  She is based in Canada, so I worried that customs might hold things up, but I received my finished product less than 2 weeks after I ordered.  I was really pleased with how it turned out and have been using it on my masthead.  For pre-printed items you can look for her work at

Original Photo

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